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Aaoffice SmCamera Revolution have been supplying specialist equipment to the film and television industry for over 20 years and pride ourself on our products and our service.

Our technicians are some of the most highly skilled in the world and no matter whether a short film or large feature give their best knowledge and skill to whatever the project. From swinging Libra mounts across gorges in Africa to plunging them into the river Thames, they can show you how to use a remote head in ways you never imagined.

Who we are

Camera Revolution

Ian Speed | The Big Cheese

Ian is the Big Cheese at Camera Revolution, usually found in his big chair stroking a white cat. Started tech’ing back in Libra II days and somehow still going.
Most memorable job was “World is not Enough” High speed boat chase up the Thames. ​Can still be found on set from time to time.

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Rebecca | The Anchor

Rebecca is the Anchor of Cam Rev. If you need to know whats going on its usually best to speak to her.

Bookings, accounts, trivia questions, she knows everything, and is probably psychic.

Douglas | Operations manager

Doug is the main man for answering stuff. Any bookings and office type stuff he is da man.

Barnaby | Maintenance

Every bit of kit that comes back broken ends up on Barnaby’s desk. He also spends days making cables and brackets to mount everything from a Preston to our new sink.

Rob Portus | Mr Fixit

Rob is Mr. Fixit. Like a modern day ‘Macgyver’ Rob is usually found with some piece of kit in pieces and manages to put them back where he found them.

Also found on set as a tech and loves working in mud.

Dave Hideg | In house Tech

When he has the allen key between his teeth no one can stop him. More organised than a Filofax, ready to pounce on a messy crane loom at any moment.

Sean Rogers | In House tech

Old hat at all this now, everyone likes Sean. Except for the fact he always seems to get the nice foreign location jobs … we don’t like him for that.

Josh Milne | In House tech

AKA Chris Griffin. If you need a cable tie Josh is your man … rumoured to have more cables ties than RS Components!

Clive Williams | In house tech

Our in house dare devil … If he’s not out on set, he’s out with his GoPro on his mountain bike or skate board.

Connor Penfold | In house tech

Bringing a certain je n’ais se quoi to a Grip Department … Impeccably dressed, well manicured and slightly scented.

Chris Dawson | In house tech

Our newest recruit … from Libras to Maximas, HD Links to Preston MDR3’s and Underwater Housings, Chris preps and checks them all.

Kandi | Security

Kandi is the highly trained coiled spring of the Camera Revolution Security Dept. On entering the building you are highly likely to be searched for treats or tennis balls which will be confiscated by her if found.

Duchy | Assistant Security

Commonly know as the little brown noise machine ! She barks to say hello, she barks for attention, she barks for more attention and she barks when you stop giving her attention … oh does she bark!


Darren Bailey

Darren was the Libra tech in South Africa for many years, and then China for a few years too.

Has now come home to play with heads and brings a vast knowledge with it.

He still loves a job away as he misses the Airmiles.

Joe Buxton | Joe Libra

‘Joe Libra’ is world renown Libra tech.

The only person I know to calm some of the worlds liveliest DoP’s.

The scale of his knowledge and ability is only dwarfed by the scale of his hairpiece collection.

Mario Spanna | Mazza

Mazza started in the video dept back in the 90’s but quickly realised the fun he was missing out on so became a Libra tech.

He is still having oodles of fun with heads and has a few stories from the years to entertain you.

Dave Tulett | AKA double 0 Dave

Double ‘0’ Dave, Dangerous Dave, Angry Dave. These all sum him up. James Bond couldn’t break him and no body makes him angry and lives to tell.

Gareth Viner

Gareth bounces between Cape Town and London as a Libra tech.

He seems to time it so he does commercial season in SA through the UK winter and then comes to the UK for our summer of features.

Not a bad life.

Neil Tomlin | AKA Munkeh

…enough said, you know him already!

Michele | In house tech

Comes to us from working with plenty of other heads and in his Italian passionate way has chosen Libra for the style, sophistication and, I think, the shiny finish.

Tim Dean

More commonly known as ‘Timmy Tight Pants’ due to an unfortunate Speedos incident. Tim learned his trade after years living in Thailand so don’t insult him in Thai, but do take him with you to a restaurant, he knows his real Thai food.

Alex Pugh

After years of working with cranes and other heads. I think he just prefers the curves of the Libra. And the fact he gets to sit down and not lift the crane weights.

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