Remote Heads: Oculus Stabilised Head


  • Pan and Tilt Speeds:  Up to 400 deg./sec. …(standard and set to 260 degrees per sec.).
  • Pan, Tilt and Roll Limits:  360 deg. continuous both axis
  • Roll Speeds: Up to 180 deg. per sec continous.
  • Weight:  50 lbs. less camera and lens.
  • Height: 26 to 45 inches (adjustable)
  • Width: 23.5 inches.
  • Operating Modes:  2….SpaceCam mimic and ZeDir Pan mode, (allows straight camera pan when looking straight down or up, then returns to horizon level when tilting towards horizon).
  • Water resistant design.
  • Video Out:  Via fiber optic path with rotary joints permitting unlimited motion in all axes.  Multiplexing can provide up to 8 full HD SDI or 3G channels.   Also providing wired coaxial path for NTSC standard signal.
  • System Power Requirement:  22 to 32 VDC,
  • Operating Temperature Range:  -20 deg. – 110 deg./F
  • Camera Platform Power Conditioner:  13 vdc and 24vdc from independent power conditioner on camera platform
  • Mounting Positions:  Any, top mounted, bottom mounted, cantilevered.  (Note:  System is able to transition between any mounting orientation during use).
  • Gimbal Lock:  None
  • Payloads: 75lbs plus
  • Wired and Wireless operation.
  • Control inputs:  accepts analogue and digital control devices including multiple selection of joysticks as well as SpaceCam DynaGlide wheel control units and Panbar.
  • Console Features: Pan, Tilt and Roll Joystick or wheels with sensitivity and scaling controls.
  • Lens drive interface for all popular lens controls
  • Limit section permitting immediate setting of pan, tilt, roll and zoom.
  • Motion Control section allow recording and playback of camera moves.



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