The Preston Focus, iris, zoom unit is well established as the workhorse of all the wireless remote focus units.

All our series II FIZ kits are calibrated for both the FX box, for controlling all camera controls, and the wireless microforce zoom unit.

All our FIZ’s are supplied with the Speedy clamp system of motor mounts and motor controller mount.

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Preston FIZ kits are the workhorse of the Film industry. We have many kits available to hire. Either MDR2 or MDR3 but all kits have HU3, F/I units and Cinetape interface as standard.

For more information on how to operate the FIZ system go to:

Digital Microforce kits available with either Arri RS power, 12v XLR or D-tap power cables.

Wireless kits are also available on request.

Preston Single channel MDR is ideal for a simple 1 motor system requirement. Smaller MDR unit which drives a Digital Preston motor in either Zoom, focus or iris.

Power cables for Arri and D tap and most common camera start cables included.

This kit comes with a HU2 control as standard.

Preston Marine Hand unit

A fully submersible Preston Focus/iris hand unit which cable connects to any MDR2.
This is used in any extreme wet environment or with Deep water housings.​


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