Preston Wireless LCS


The Light Ranger 2* simultaneously measures distances along 16 horizontally arranged detection zones. The distance measurements allow for high precision manual as well as autofocus operation. The companion video interface unit generates graphic overlays for the focus puller’s monitor.

The Preston Focus, iris, zoom unit is well established as the workhorse of all the wireless remote focus units.
All our series II FIZ kits are calibrated for both the FX box, for controlling all camera controls, and the wireless microforce zoom unit.
All our FIZ’s are supplied with the Speedy clamp system of motor mounts and motor controller mount.
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Preston LightRanger 2

Critical Focus for the Digital World

The Light Ranger 2 is the first and only focus assist system designed for modern high-resolution cameras. The LR2 incorporates an infrared LED/sensor system with 16 distinct measurement zones, allowing the focus puller to visualize the depth of an entire scene without looking away from the monitor. In this era of shooting the rehearsal, the LR2 provides focus pullers with innovative tools to accurately judge focus distance in even the toughest shooting scenarios.

Each of the 16 simultaneous distance measurements corresponds to a specific section of the image, and is represented with a green/white rectangle overlayed directly on top of the image at that location. The height of each bar corresponds to its distance in relation to the current knob setting of the HU3, giving immediate feedback to the focus puller for how to rotate the knob to bring any object into focus. White rectangles above the horizontal line on the monitor indicate the subject is further away than the current knob setting of the HU3, while rectangles below that line indicate a subject that is closer than the knob setting. Once the subject is within the depth of field (at the current HU3 knob setting), the rectangle(s) over that subject turn green.

The LR2 is perfect for crane, car-to-car, dolly, steadicam, and other shots where the camera is moving. It also excels in low-light and any other shot with extremely shallow depth-of-field.

LR2 System comprises:
  • Light Ranger 2 sensor
  • LR2 Video Overlay Unit

Operation requires the HU3 and MDR3 components of the FI+Z system.

1. LR2 ranging module

Operating Range 1′ to > 40′
Horizontal angle of view: 18°
Vertical angle of view: 3°
Number of detection zones: 16
Emission type/ wavelength: LED/ 970nm (typ.)
Eye Safety: IEC 62471-2006 exempt lamp classification
Size: 5.5 x 3.25 x 1 inches
Weight: 600g
Power: 10-32VDC
Mounting: 2 x .25-20, Dovetail 15mm rod clamp

2. LR2 Video Overlay Unit with G4 wireless link

Size: 3.4 x 5.2 x 1.4 inches
Power: 10 – 28 VDC
Weight: 390g
Video Inputs: 1 – HD-SDI
Video Outputs:1 – HD-DSI loop thru
1 – HD-SDI with graphics overlay
Wireless Transceiver: G4
Parallax Range: ±20 inches (50cm)
Calibration: Menu driven, using focus target or manual offset entry.
Monitor graphics are scaled and positioned according to theLR2 and HU3 menu selections:

  • Camera sensor size
  • LR2 mounting offsets
  • Lens focal length per HU3 lens library
  • Focus distance

Preston Lens Control

FIZ Lens Control

Preston FIZ kits are the workhorse of the Film industry. We have many kits available to hire. Either MDR2 or MDR3 but all kits have HU3, F/I units and Cinetape interface as standard.

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Kits available with either Arri RS power, 12v XLR or D-tap power cables.

Wireless kits are also available on request.


Preston Single channel MDR is ideal for a simple 1 motor system requirement. Smaller MDR unit which drives a Digital Preston motor in either Zoom, focus or iris.

Power cables for Arri and D tap and most common camera start cables included.

This kit comes with a HU2 control as standard.

Preston Marine Hand unit

A fully submersible Preston Focus/iris hand unit which cable connects to any MDR2.
This is used in any extreme wet environment or with Deep water housings.​


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