Speedycam is the incredibly versatile self drive wire dolly for use with Libra and all kinds of stabilised gimbals. With a carrying payload of 100lb and a top speed of 30mph this thing really flies. It runs on a single line with an upper ‘safety line’ and can run as long a run as the rope we can rig. It is controlled via a digital wireless control system which gives speed and position readouts and has the ability to set stop points for safety or for creative use. Fast to set up, rigging points in stages, on buildings, trees or tele handlers can all be used, with lines dropped in for ease of rigging.

We generally recommend using the system with a MINI Libra gimbal, but this has been used with the full Libra and with every other gimbal on the market.

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Bigger traditional winch systems are also available via our main wire company


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