The TYR Arm

The Tyr Arm – named for the one armed Norse God of War. A wirelessly controlled robotic arm built to work on any vehicle with roof rack fittings and is supplied with a Mini Libra Head

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…. here’s the first glimpse of our shiny new doco for The TYR Arm.
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25 kg / 55 lbs

Arm rotation speed

Lift speed
1 m/s / 3,3 ft/s

Weight of crane (without cases)

95 kg / 208 lbs

Weight of roof rail system
36 kg / 79 lbs

Minimum required car roof load
100 kg / 220 lbs

Power source
4 x 12V standard car batteries

System voltage

Remote control
Industry grade safety certified remote
control for a safe and stable connection.
250 m / 270 yd range (in open space).

Tablet App
We deliver a tablet with the preinstalled App.
No need to worry about connection settings
and firmware updates.

Water / dust proof rating

Car mount system
Via Thule roof rack system (car specifi c clamps
can be ordered at any Thule dealer).

Maximum driving speed
Tested up to 140 km/h (87 mph). The maximum
speed needs to be determined by the driver as
road conditions, vehicle weight and dimensions,
payload and driving expercience vary greatly.
As a rule of thumb: Better safe than sorry.

Cable wiring
BNC, battery or additional cables can be routed
through a hollow shaft in the baseplate.

Set-up time
30 min – coff ee breaks not included

Run time
full shooting day
(tested with 50Ah car battery)

Maximum turns
+- 720 degrees (2 full turns in each direction)

Maximum overhead in Compact mode
90 cm / 3 ft (depending on car, gimbal & camera

Maximum lens height in Compact mode
approx. 3 m / 10’ (depending on car,
gimbal & camera combination)

Remote control range
250 m / 270 yards with external antenna
in open space

Assistant stop switch
One inside the car and one near the gimbal.

2 x emergency buttons
One inside the car and one on
the remote control.

User limits
User definable distance/height limits.

Overload indicator
The app let’s you know when your riding
the edge with TYR. In red. Just to be sure.

User acceleration
User definable presets on remote control:

User speed
User definable presets on remote control:

Compatible cameras
Arri Alexa Mini, Red Weapon, Canon C500,
Canon 5D, Sony Alpha 7, Sony FS7, Sony F55,
Blackmagic URSA and many more!

Compatible gimbals
Shotover G1, Movi XL, Mc), Pro, Movi M15, DJ, Ron. 2, DJI Ronin MX and of course Libra MINI



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