Remote Heads: Mini Libra

The Libra MINI is a true baby brother to the main Libra system. All functions of digital remote performance and full 3 axis stabilisation are identical to the Libra but in a much smaller, lighter package.

The MINI is also sealed for extreme weather use, has full MOCO facility and has built in wireless capability. Designed to be used in tough, demanding applications where smaller Digital cameras can be used. The MINI is an open platform built around RED Epic or Dragon, Sony F55 or similar size camera systems.

Prime lenses or short zooms preferred to keep the whole package small and usable where ever you can fit it.


The Libra MINI is 330mm high,and 330mm wide.
The length is depicted by the camera package, with no camera it is 330mm long.

Weight – 9Kgs with no camera.

Libra MINI suspended is 380mm high, 330mm wide

Length, weight as per upright.

The Libra MINI is small and light enough to rig on to pretty much any tracking vehicle. Whether on a chase vehicle or on the Hero with the operator in a chase vehicle the possibilities are endless.

If you can mount a Mitchel fitting on it, you can mount the Libra MINI on it. Fully stabilised or specific axes for different effects at the flick of a switch or whilst travelling.
For off-road tracking additional spring mounts are recommended for additional suspension.

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The Libra MINI is al​l the stabilised remote head of the big Libra so is ideal for quick rigging on boats, ribs or Jetskis.
Fully sealed the head is designed to take the battering of the waves.
Note: It is not a submersible head.
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Significantly smaller and lighter than the Libra, the MINI is ideal for simple wire rigs and descenders. At only 15Kgs when using a Epic and Prime lens the tensions required ofr flying wire systems are massively reduced allowing for more simple and flexible rigs to be used in all applications.

The head is Slip ringed for continuous rotation and has brackets to accommodate Preston lens controls and full HD transmitters as part of the package.

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Ideal for small, light​weight crane arms.

The Libra MINI is under 10Kgs so even with a small camera package is light enough to mount on even the most limiting of arms.

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If it moves you can stabilise it.

The Libra Min​i can be mounted onto anything you can get a Mitchel fitting on to.

All crazy ideas seriously considered!

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