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Maxima Adaptions

Remote Head

The revolutionary slick, lightweight, COG oriented design of the Arri Maxima, will give you all the freedom you need and missed in the past.

With MAXIMA, the creativity of filmmakers need not be stifled by camera length or weight limitations. The extremely stable construction of MAXIMA allows any camera system with a total weight of up to 30 kg to be used. At the center of this unique design is an extremely durable ball bearing roll cage, as well as brushless motors. Optimized bearings and high torque ensure that there is always enough power in reserve. Carefully selected components enable seamless, reliable operation and impressive heat resistance.


Precise, user–friendly controls

Direct and intuitive handling of this high-capacity gimbal is managed by a 32 bit multiprocessor; additional slave RISC processor support means multi-sensor data is processed without losses. The maximum angular deviation is just 0.05 degrees. In addition to a variety of preconfigured profiles, customized profiles can also be added.
The 1.5” OLED screen allows users to keep tabs on the operating mode and battery status, and to quickly toggle between different profiles. Changes of angle are achieved with a highly sensitive and ultra-precise joystick mounted at the outer frame of the MAXIMA or with an optional bidirectional 2.4 GHz wireless remote control, allowing tilt, pan and roll movements. The intelligent software and precise hardware enable vertical swivels of up to 90 degrees.


PAYLOAD Up to 30kg

ELECTRONIC Highly effective motor drivers • separate sensors for camera and frame position • Additional rotating position sensors for pan and tilt axes


MAXIMUM ROTATION RANGE Pan axis 320° • Tilt axis +/- 150° • Roll axis +/- 40°

MAXIMUM POSITIONING SPEED Pan axis: 160° / Sec. • Tilt axis: 200° / Sec. • Roll axis: 90° / Sec.

MAXIMUM CAMERA DIMENSIONS Depth from COG: 500 mm • Height from mounting plate: 210 mm • Width: 225 mm

OPERATING TEMPERATURE -15° to +50° Celsius

DIMENSIONS 540 mm W – 518 mm H – 137 mm D

WEIGHT 5.5 kg net

POWER SUPPLY Anton Bauer Gold Mount or Anton Bauer V-Mount.


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