Schulz Sprayoff Rain Deflectors

The advantages of the Sprayoff micro and milli are as follows:

  • Both of them fit within its specific matte box, taking only the space of the front filter holder.

  • Both are lightweight (Sprayoff micro: 500 gr., Sprayoff milli: 850 gr.)

  • Both of them can be powered out of the camera with 24V if available, since the power consumption is not higher than for a regularly used onboard monitor (Sprayoff micro: 0,3 amps. , Sprayoff milli: 0,7 amps.)

  • Easy and very fast setup by sliding in and “plug’n play”.

  • Large optical width to cover even wide-angle lenses following disc diameters: Sprayoff micro: 118mm, Sprayoff milli: 144 mm

Sprayoff micro


The Sprayoff Micro allows easy handling and quick setup.
Its designed to be used within an existing matte box, such as ARRI LMB-5, LMB-25 or MB-19.

Key Facts:

  • Weight: approx. 0,500 kg
  • Disc diam.: 118 mm
  • Disc speed: approx. 3.800 rpm
  • Power supply: 24 V or 12 V

Sprayoff Milli


The Sprayoff Milli rain deflectors allow shooting in the rain using a conventional matte box filter tray without stopping the camera to clear the lens.

The Sprayoff rain deflector keeps lenses clear via a high speed rotating clear filter and the entire device slots into a 5.65″ x 4″ (PV) or 5.65″ x 5.65″ (5×5) filter tray and is compatible with ARRI Matte boxes MB18/MB19/MB20.

Whilst this will fit the LMB 5, LMB 15 and LMB 25, please be aware of the additional weight demand on the clip-on matte box fixing with these type of matte boxes.

Please also note that these are 24V operation only (as the current draw if quite significant), so unless you are using Alexa, then you will require to also hire a 24V battery power source.

Also, it is a bit noisy, so not suitable if you are shooting sync sound and the actor is close at hand!

Key Facts:

  • Weight: 850g
  • disc diameter 144mm
  • disc speed: approx. 3.000 rpm
  • power supply: 24V

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