The Cheetah

“The Cheetah”, a motorised camera track system exclusively designed to work with both the Libra and Mini Libra Head.

The Cheetah is capable of up to 1 metre per second and can be programmed with  repeatable moves, all through the Libra and Mini Libra Head controller. The dolly is self driven so all moving pars are integral to the dolly itself. This makes changing track length super quick as all you need to do is simply bolt on more sections and tell the Libra or Mini Libra Head its new end stop, 2ft, 4ft and 6ft track sections available up to 50ft.

The Cheetah is controlled and driven by the standard Libra or Mini Libra Head wheels controller, with joystick and pan bar control option available. There are no belts or chains and can be controlled totally wireless and cable free​.​

The Cheetah is quick and easy to rig in a multitude of set ups; whether up side down, on its side, on a 15 degree incline, rigged on or in a car, motorbike, boat, train, bus, narrow corridor, front of a stage  … its an incredibly versatile system.


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