Remote Head

The Mega III is a lightweight, three axis digital remote head with precise, or high speed response with even the largest payloads.

By design, the camera package is balanced around it’s centre of gravity making for a very stable system. Each camera type has a specific mounting plate to ensure that the rotation of the Mega roll axis occurs through the nodal point of the gate.

The sealed units of the Mega III modular design have achieved very high reliability rates in wet / harsh environments and do not need external cover which can restrict head movement.
The Hydroflex Aquacam can be fitted within the Mega, as can most splash bags.

Light weight by design, full three axis movement is capable with big payloads on the longer cranes and Super Techno

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Mega Head Specification

Height : 88cm (34.5 in )

Width : 78 cm ( 33.5 in )

Fitting : Mitchel / Moy

Depth : ( 8.25 in ) Pan, tilt & roll 360 deg. continuous

Max Camera Weight: 100lbs. Or 80 Kg

Mega Controller

The digital control gives the operator an extremely accurate framing ability, even at very high speeds, which the Mega III can achieve in all three axes.

Control is via a balanced wheel style control consol which has a touch sensitive screen upon it to access the many features, including soft stops and damping.

A simple play / record function enables one or all three axes to be recorded and repeated for simple motion control applications. Many more features are soon to be available for MoCo work.



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