Tilta Armor-Man 2

As great as a gimbal stabilizer is, you still must hold it with your arms the whole time. The Tilta Armor-Man 2 is designed to take the weight off your arms, allowing for an entirely different experience.



1. Two mechanical arms with a shock-absorbing stabilized system gives support for your handheld gimbal system and distributes the weight so that you can free your arms. This allows you to better focus on the framing and movement of your shot without disturbance from the weight of the camera rig.
2. Compatible with all handheld gimbal systems via the universal gimbal ring adapters (included)
3. Adjustable arms to suit different cameras
4. Smaller and lighter than traditional stabilizers
5. The arms can release the strength when you stop shooting and they can be rested on the hooks around the waist – you only need to pull the rope.

Product Specs

(1) Multi-functional adjustable vest
(1) 4-Pin LEMO Female connection
(2) Balance support cups for 3-axis gimbal system (L/R)
(2) Spring arms (L/R)
(3) Allen wrench
(1) Phillips screw driver
(1) High-strength waterproof safety case
(2) Universal Gimbal Ring Adapters (L/R)
(1) Choice of Gold mount or V-lock Battery Plate



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