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The Matrix™ is a 4-axis gimbal that features an open architecture and one redundant axis. This allows the gimbal to be mounted in any orientation and still maintain polarity of pan, tilt and roll without experiencing gimbal lock. It is the only 4 axis gimbal to offer 360 continuous roll without a patch cable between the twist and tilt axis. This feature is essential for large payloads including all film cameras. You can also achieve true nodal on a majority of camera packages.
The Matrix™ is the first 4 axis gimbal to feature an app-based control system that allows for quick upgrades and modifications to the control software. There are two primary operating modes. The patent pending image relative mode allows you to operate in relation to the image on the monitor and does not relate to earth’s horizon. This allows the operator to focus on the subject rather than on whether the pan axis will become the roll axis halfway through the shot. Earth relative mode acts in relation to earth’s horizon and will always maintain a level horizon even in high G-force conditions.


  • 4 Axis with full regard. No gimbal lock. Does not require level mounting point.
  • Custom designed high torque direct drive motors on all 4 axis’s
  • 360-degree continuous roll, Pan and Tilt. (no limits)
  • Fiber optic video path
  • Wheels, Joystick, Pan bar and many other control options. (USB ready, Bring your Xbox controller if you like).
  • Wireless control via proprietary system, WIFI or Bluetooth.
  • Android app based operating system. (real time upgrades and modifications)
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • 200 plus degrees per second pan rate
  • 100+lb payload
  • Will carry IMAX and Most film cameras
  • Can obtain camera nodal on all axis.
  • Two stabilization levels: Stealth mode for quiet settings and Ludacris mode for extremely fast pan rates and high G-force environments
  • 41kg/90lbs gimbal weight
  • Custom designed payload lock down. (Keep your handle on)
  • Proprietary quick adjust twist counter weight design for high performance stabilization.
  • Quick adjust X and Y
  • 3” and 6” extenders. Install in any orientation.

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