Off Road Quad

The Tracker AT4 is not your ordinary ATV! This unit has been transformed into a quiet and powerful tool for filming flexibility and subject tracking either in harsh terrain or limited access areas.

The Tracker AT4 is electric powered and virtually silent, making it ideal for sync sound applications. The lack of fumes also make this unit an excellent solution for indoor use, animal tracking, and other sensitive scenarios.

There are two aircraft-grade aluminum decks front and rear, drilled with 3/8” holes, 1” on center for mounting seats, Mitchell mounts, camera sliders, jib arms, remote heads, speedrail receivers, or a combination of these! Load it up, and the driver technician can adjust the air bag suspension to accommodate the weight.

Measuring only 3.75’ in width, this unit is narrow enough for use on standard 4’ sidewalks or other restricted access areas. Grip Trix also offers a choice of street or offroad tires and a wheel spacer option to extend the wheel base width for maximum stability. There are two removable seats with seat belts, and two adjustable foot rests front and rear for passenger safety.

For maximizing power longevity, this unit features a an on-board charger with 10 high-capacity batteries—and another 10 more as back-up in a quick-change pack. We’ve got you covered!


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